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A.D.S. MasterMatic has been active in the high precision automatic door sector for more than twenty years, specialising in applications for the most sophisticated and diversified automation systems.
Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors
Sliding doors, swing doors, automatic systems and automatic doors with CURVED SLIDING LEAVES. Already existing doors can be automated without altering their structure. Special accessories of control, warning and safety devices, special profiles and sealings for automatic doors, and D.O.K. (the universal motorized sliding guides).

View Automatic Gates
Automatic Gates
B 310 and B 410 are electro-mechanical self-locking actuators with worm drives, suitable for the automation of side-hung gates or doors with either single or double wings.

Boom Gates
Boom Gates
With non reversible motor and electronic logic control, equipped with anti-crash safety devices and manual release in the event of a power failure or faulty operation.

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